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VanCity Training Camp maintains a strong core and strong core values.

We strive to make fitness challenging and fun for all levels.

We are here to take your goals and turn them into reality.

We choose the path that will hold you in good stead in the long run- this means no fancy cleanses-no wild exercises you saw on social media- just good ol fashioned weight training. 

Programs are designed based on your needs, goals, and personal interests such as speed, strength, agility,  booty building, body fat reduction, muscle building,  overall just feeling better...the list goes 

Our mission is to create a welcoming space where you can train hard. 

Owner of VanCity Training Camp

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Meet Kelsey

Poliquin PICP Level 2 Coach

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer 


Kelsey works with respect for every client’s lifestyle, abilities, and boundaries. She is committed to inspiring progress without intimidation, and achieving meaningful results with safe and responsible methods.


Kelsey loves deadlifts, trains pull-ups a few times a week to stay strong… and is also gluten free, in case you’re thinking about bringing her a cookie.

Thank you in advance!

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