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Training Programs

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​6 sessions: $120.00 per session

8 sessions: $115.00 per session

12 sessions: $110.00 per session

24 sessions: $105.00 per session

1-on-1 Personal Training

Personal one-on-one attention with your trainer.  Programs are developed based on each client's needs and derived from proven training principles.


Our focus is to provide progressive training to people at all fitness levels. “Progressive training” is a weight training term that refers to progressive overload—meaning we pre-plan and then assess how your body adapts to training. Using that information, we adjust your programs to keep you moving towards your goals.

Semi-Private Training

Whether you want moral support or friendly competition, we’ve got you covered. Stay motivated by training with a partner, or let us pair you up with another active individual and make a new friend!

Semi-private sessions combine the in-depth attention of personal training with the social aspect of group classes. Your trainer will provide detailed individual feedback to help each of you achieve your unique goals—together.

Personal training helping two women workout with kettlebells


​6 sessions: $85.00 per session

8 sessions: $80.00 per session

12 sessions: $75.00 per session

Small-Group Training Is  Paused. 

Contact Us For Info On Next Start Date

Small Group Training

Never underestimate the power of a group! Our weekly small group classes provide inspiration in a dynamic and supportive environment.

Our intense but inclusive approach to group training helps everyone make meaningful progress. By keeping our class sizes limited to 4 people, we also maximize the individual attention you receive from your trainer. Strengthen yourself, find your people, and enjoy every moment of it with our help.

Online Coaching

Can’t see us in person? Not a problem. VanCity Training Camp offers online personal training and coaching to help you continue your fitness journey from anywhere.

Monthly Coaching:

Purchase a program and train on your own in your local gym or at home. This option includes weekly check-ins with your trainer. Programs can last 3 to 6 weeks depending on each client’s goals. Contact us to set up a virtual consultation so we can build a program for you.

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$250 per month

Two people in work out clothes looking at a laptop


​6 sessions: $120.00 per session

8 sessions: $115.00 per session

12 sessions: $110.00 per session

24 sessions: $105.00 per session

Live Zoom Training

You Zoom, we Zoom, we all Zoom! If there’s a better way to burn calories during a Zoom meeting, it’s news to us.

With this new option, your personal trainer will give you the same commitment and attention to detail that all our in-person clients receive—in the comfort and safety of your own space.

What Our Clients Say

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Awesome class! Kelsey was very welcoming and a great trainer. It was only me today so I had a personal training session, which was a wonderful surprise. I highly recommend Kelsey’s classes for anyone wanting an all-body workout with instructions on proper form.